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My heart quite literally hearts

I am in such spiritual suffering over the struggle of my friend’s faith that I am beginning to experience the physical suffering of literal heartache. From last semester through this one, the Lord has drawn me deep into His thirst for this particular son of His, my brother in Christ, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what more I can say. I want to articulate to him the ways in which I have been experiencing the Lord’s thirst for him because he seems to be complacent and/or in denial, but I do not want to overwhelm my brother or make him feel like he is being judged. I have been praying so much for him, that the Lord might heal his wounds, but I fear that they are deep and that he may be afraid to let the Lord go that deep.

Please pray for him. And also pray that I might receive the grace to love and serve him only as the Lord desires.

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Nothing is so precious as time; and yet how comes it that nothing is so little valued? Men will spend hours in jesting, or standing at the window or in the middle of a road, to see what passes; and if you ask them what they are doing, they will tell you they are passing away time.

O Time, now so much despised! Thou wilt be of all things else the most valued by such persons when death shall have surprised them. What will they not then be willing to give for one hour of so much lost time! But time will remain no longer for them when it is said to each one of them: ‘Go forth Christian soul out of this world, hasten to be gone, for now there is no time for thee.’ How will they then exclaim, lamenting, ‘Alas! I have squandered away my whole life; during so many years I might have become a saint; but how far am I from being such; and shall I become such, now that there is no more time for me?’ But to what purpose will such lamentation be, when the dying man is on the verge of that moment on which will depend eternity?

St. Alphonsus De Liguori

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